How to Setup a VPN Server

The VPN technology has made it possible to have access to a secure network through an insecure network such as the Internet and it is very useful in organizations with many remote users but a VPN setup can be a little bit difficult. Here is how to setup a VPN server, step by step so it will be much easier to you to have access to the secure data you need. Make sure you do not skip any of the steps and how to setup VPN will be very easy and fast. You should also be aware of the fact that the windows VPN setup can only be made from the computer that you want it to be connected to the network.
Step 1: you will have to manage your network connections so go to “Start> Settings>Network connections”; make sure you can view all your network connections.
Step 2: when you open the Network Connection Window you will see a “Start the New Connection Wizard” link on the task pane, in the left.
Step 3: once you click the link, a Wizard window opens. Click the “Next” button and then select the “Set up advanced connection” option and click “Next”.
Step 4: you will see an “Accept incoming connection” option so select it and then click “Next”.
Step 5: a window with different devices will appear on the screen but that is no important matter for you at this point so ignore it and click “Next” again.
Step 6: after choosing the “Allow virtual private connections” option, click “Next” and go to the next step.
Step 7: now you will be asked to select or “Add” the user account/accounts that you are willing to allow to connect to your Windows XP VPN Server and then click “Next”. You are almost finished.
Step 8: highlight the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) button. Click on the “Properties” button.
Step 9: at this point you must determine the way in which you want the remote computers to get their IP addresses and that can be made either by automatic and manual configuration. But keep in mind that you have to maintain the same IP address scheme as the one your computer uses.
Step 10: now you can click “Next” and then “Finish” and that is it. You have just learned how to setup a VPN server.
Make sure you follow the steps from this guide and setting up a VPN server or client will be easier than never. You do not have to know too much about computers to be able to do it, even if you are a beginner. However, remember that this guide refers to setting up a VPN server and client in Windows XP. With other types of Windows it can be a bit different but it will still be easy if you go to the Control Panel and manage your networks by following the instructions the Wizard provides.
Thus, the VPN setup is not so complicated after all if you follow the steps.